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hell yeah

this is off the hook, man. i love all your tracks! you browse through a lot of neurofunk tracks in the drum and bass category here and let me tell you how hard it is to find something this well-produced. could i recommend some ride cymbals? possibly some larger, frequent drops would be satisfying. well done

v150r responds:

thx bro, i will check that!

has great aspects

follows a lot of traditional neurofunk sounds, with the frequency changes and such. the bass is incredibly messy, though. the main synth melody doesn't go with the reese sound at all. definitely need to equalize this a bit more too

Jassummisko responds:

I hear ya! Too much high freqs in the bass

beautiful creation

caught from the start. i felt like i had been sucked into some other-worldly ethereal dimension. it's a lot like meditative music. you slowly climb, and then drift off into nothing as a whole. i love the synths and the modulation. the quality isn't the best, unfortunately

putzpie responds:

Thanks man, I'm glad you like it. Yeah, the quality probably could've been a little better for some things, but even then I still really like how it turned out.


is unbelievably fucking heavy

SteakJohnson responds:

WOOHOO glad ya think so comrade

hey, man

you've gotten a lot better. right from the beginning, incredibly smooth atmosphere. everything works so well, even the light cymbal sections. the melody in the background that follows is great

then it picks up more around 00:45. the bass flow starts calmly in combination with the other elements. and it starts developing more. i like the dark, techno-ish feel to it. the strings that come along with the pad give it an airy feel. the percussion is immense. i love your snares, and that beat bangs hard even if it has that roller-esque impression.

i like the small melodies that come in, especially the piano (i think?) noise. overall, just flawless variation. you could still provide some small cuts in the drum break, maybe to make occasional small drops. or why not add in a huge one? some vocal samples or effects would be crazy, man. i think the only real advice i can give for this masterpiece is to give that bass more grime compared to a wavy noise that's generally somewhat static. i know there's some modulation here and there. it could require some more overdrive possibly?


v150r responds:

thanks man! i always appreciate your opinion! ;D


i love you

ShootingStar responds:

Haha thanks for the review I guess :) Glad you liked it!


just my thought

introduction melody sounds like queer fantasy, the rest of it is hard and dark as a negro dick

SteakJohnson responds:

lol thank u


very progressive and professional-sounding. unique transitions and variation, too. you should really continue working on this and make it into a full-length track of 6 minutes or more.

the first 20 or so seconds are calming and suspenseful. nice reverse crash leading into your drum section for the introduction. it would've been better if there was some melody present; could really work at that point. don't really like your hat placement for the beat. if you started with those smaller tight hats, then layered on the slightly longer ones, it could sound a lot better.

your intro generally needs a lot more "noticeable effects". that being minimal percussion, some string melodies, anything that stands out more. i'm sure you have a lot going on, but it's more pleasant to the ears to hear something that stands out.

the bass could use a lot more overdrive and maybe some chorus filtering. i think some high pass automation would work on it before your drop, too. you should also consider taking out that organ-like melody at 1:53 (doesn't entirely fit regardless of it providing a small drop afterwards). you need some different snares or snare accents with some reverb

just my opinion on some stuff that would work. nice work in progresse, dude :)

170 bpm?

fuck me

SteakJohnson responds:



sucked me in from the start, dude. nice relaxing disco-esque/tribal feel right from the start. your filter cutoff automation works well for a short transition. those fade noises in the background and reverse crashes keep it vibrant while it's still generally progressive.

not really liking your synth introduced at 1:00. 1:30, however, is a nice breakdown. there are some great open hats to accent your drum beat. your bass-like noise is a bit too mellow; could use some distortion or some band pass automation unless that's how you prefer it.

if you had some insane reverb decay automation for a bar or two on your bass synth right before the 1:58 section, i think it would have a bigger impact.

piano sounds incredible. if you had some small trance-like elements mixed in with the rest of the track, it would be a lot more appealing. maybe a real grimey bass?

impressive how you just used sytrus for a lot of it, it's a complex plugin. i'm more familiar with the ts404 and 3x osc :)

ShootingStar responds:

Wow :D Thanks so much! I'll definitely look at the criticism and maybe have a second edit to the song ;) Thanks for the review!


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